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~3 hours per design
Project type:
Bootcamp project
-No research provided
-Short turnaround 

Project 1:
Brief: For this project, I was tasked with creating a budgeting dashboard for a user named Mary. Mary wants to find a budgeting tool where she can clearly see where her money is going. Mary’s goal is to adjust her spending habits and learn how to make decisions that benefit her in the long term instead of in the moment.
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This project included designing a:
-Home page with budget breakdown
- Budget page that broke down expenses for each category
-Spending page that compared current spending habits to previous spending habits.
This project's parameters was bare bones and allowed us to add data visualizations and features we thought would be helpful and appropriate for the app.
Project 2:
Brief: For this project, I was tasked with starting with the mid-fidelity wireframe of an application that allows the user to view information about different apps that are available to run programmatic advertising. A hypothetical product manager wants me to create a solution that shows important additional functionality users are asking for. 
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Mid-fidelity wireframes focused on:
-Creating a new list to add accounts to
-Adding different advertising accounts to an existing list 
-Editing an existing list name 
-Search clients through the system
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